Ko Samet

In this amazing Thailand, you can create special moments while enjoying a great variety of attractions dotted around in any parts of our ultra-alluring country with unseen places to explore every day. Bangkok transfer can be booked as you need to have for fulfilling all your requirements on going to anywhere you have planned before. With a good cost for traveling, you may save up much more money to do more distinctive things here. After long flight, with Best Vista, you can get comfortable car ride in Bangkok taxi provided by reserving online or make it booked through another channel you feel the most convenient. Where is another mesmerizing destination recommendation in Thailand? Being an exotic briny spot, located in the Gulf of Thailand and Rayong province in the eastern side, Ko Samet is sure to be referred.

Nothing is impossible for traveling, so just walk across your limitations and go for fantastic exploration. We trust that to find somewhere relaxing and private and then stay to absorb happiness around you is what you call a quality time. Sure, it’s good with spending the time with your family and lovely friends. Direct from the airport, Bangkok airport transfer will bring you to pier to reach Ko Samet and after that simply purchase boat ticket for arriving at the island. Eclectic selection of beaches, bays, and accommodations are available to get the fullest travel pleasure. After Bangkok taxi send you to the pier for getting to Ko Samet, just prepare yourself to experience enchanting marine destinations that will certainly offer you never-ending sea sights. Becoming such a traveler-inspired place, Saikaeo Beach is a sublime beach with the longest beach strip in the northeastern part of the island, inviting you with clean sea backdrop and clear water to stay longer. If you are the one finding somewhere like a beach paradise filled with good-choice activities on the beach to choose from whole day like swimming, jet skiing, riding a banana boat, sunbathing, windsurfing, and enjoying nightlife, it will not disappoint you. Separated by a group of rocks from Saikaeo Beach and getting a stroll in a short time, Phai Bay is a breezy pristine bay including distinctive landscape and seaside. Massive scene of divine beach spot is prompt to provide you big impression. Back to know another seaside delight, Wongduean Beach; it is a gleaming sea wonder that will open your world to a clear skies complemented with spectacular sea views across the beach. This is a perfect place to unwind for several days since there are peerless ranges of accommodations and restaurants to taste some fabulous cuisines. Around the island, more bays are offered to let you enjoy your stay with ones very special to you such as Noina Bay with peaceful ambience, Phrao Bay in the west coast consisting relaxing atmosphere for everyone to enjoy any attractive sea scene in the area, Lukyon Bay — a part of Khao Laemya - Mu Ko Samet National Park with less crowd, Thapthim Bay featuring cozy vibe to enjoy your beach life, Nuan Bay with exclusive sight and romantic sea setting, Cho Bay as a pleasant nook, Kiu Bay providing consummate sunrise and sunset scenes with splendid beach area, Saeng Thian Bay — rocky beach to stay quiet and experience different sea commands, and Pakarang Bay for learning more local life and winding down in a slow manner on the bay. To travel at Ko Samet is not a keepsake at all, it is a valuable present you give to yourself at least once in a lifetime. Best Vista would like to offer a travel from Bangkok to Ko Samet so that you can enjoy the most joyous vacation.

Holding long time of travel service experience, Best Vista team is attentive and very pleased to help you plan and arrange everything in need for your tantalizing vacation such as Bangkok airport transfer which is more than ready to serve you at any time you prefer and feel necessary in order to whisk you from Bangkok to Ko Samet. Your support and comment can greatly create our significant success since we try to improve ourselves better to exceed your expectations. If you need any further information relating to travel, let us know any time.