Damnoen Saduak

All the time, the most challenging aspect of traveling in Thailand is to plan where to go, what to do next, and which favorite dish to enjoy in many local areas. Thailand has it all, from ancient parts, natural places, to modern spots. A unique beauty of Thailand puts itself above many countries with an emphasis on an authentic nature in many types to enjoy all year round. Joyfully riding on Bangkok transfer can make you experience large number of good stuffs around the central part of Thailand, beginning from our capital city, Bangkok to keep exploring our civilization yet some delicate culture in old times. After having total exploration in Bangkok, other provinces adjoining to it are awesome spots to visit. One of suggested route will be Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak that you can spend not-too-long distance with Bangkok taxi to reach in comfortable manner. A great stuff of joy awaits you to have a real feel and touch.

Being difficult to get through anywhere by Bangkok airport transfer is not an option for all. If you are the one that really loves an absolute beauty of nature around the area and fantastic domestic life in Thai style, Damnoen Saduak seems to be lucid choice for your trip schedule. Throughout a way from Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak, fertile region is of course represented and venues to go are countless. Let’s begin at a famous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market — a large distinctive market with enormous showcase of favorite resident food, fruit, vegetable, handicraft, local products, and souvenirs. Take your time to absorb vibrant atmosphere of merchants in long-tail boats paddling along the canal and shouting to advertise for selling things in charming style. There are also escorted boats for visitors to try for sitting in a local style boat all the way of long canal to experience another scene of rich domestic living of people and their activities daily. Then, take a chance to get some hike to visit floating market museum, temples, shrines, and orchards. To get the best of being here, you can collect some huge fascinating memories all day long while Bangkok transfer is a part to give you all a sense of rich culture and simplicity of Thailand. As a family fun and enjoyment, elephant village for seeing a variety of elephant cuteness and abilities to do things, monkey show including a funny moment and skillful action of monkeys, and cobra show with different kinds of reptiles and adventurous action of human with snakes maybe other things to enjoy more together with your family or friends. Royal Thai Handicraft Center is still the main reason for being here since this place has a large space for gorgeous handicrafts, furniture, and souvenirs in traditional Thai craftsmanship and carving — something beauteous and splendid is installed in this place. This district in Ratchaburi is good enough to be out for best experience ever in your life. Many times, Damnoen Saduak is internationally recognized by most of tourists from many nations for its authenticity and simple lifestyle of the residents. Certainly, it can draw travelers from various countries around the world. Welcome all to this exclusive world of travel pleasure! Just take it to be one of your traveling lists of places to go while staying in Thailand.

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