To ensure your highest satisfaction of traveling, Thailand has such a cachet tourist facilities and ideal services to supply tourist’s demand from nice Bangkok airport transfer, places to stay, activities to take part in, best scene of destination spotted around the country. Thai people are big-hearted enough to welcome everyone to see places one of a kind and enjoy everything around you to the maximum level you’ve ever expected. Slowly moving into modernized era, without losing its old and splendid charm, Aranyaprathet — a district located in Sakaeo still is another fabulous place to choose for most of discerning travelers. With adjacent area to Cambodia, it well represents a good mix of cultures through architectural styles, food, and even a routine life, harmonious and peaceful. Getting on a route from lively Bangkok to Aranyaprathet is not something complicated or hard. If you take it to be your choice, it seems an excellent idea and you can take Bangkok taxi to reach this typical area.

Being as a delightful world of surprise and distinctive pleasure, Aranyaprathet, where you can get a service of Bangkok transfer, holds outstanding quality like copious amount of natural resources, remains of very-long-time civilization, fine cuisine, and strong commercial connection between Thailand and Cambodia. Like a landmark of this area, Aranyaprathet Victory Gate constructed in 1939 at the border with two tall towers of 15 meters and reconstructed later in 1959 after being destroying due to conflict is now obviously standing as a memorial for soldiers involved in border war in the past and symbol of peace between two countries until today. A community here indeed is so calm and livable. Plus, there is a large place for shopping a wide array of goods in Aranyaprathet. Right here, a widely known Rong Kluea Market is somewhere highly suggested to go for many visitors. It is prestige for inexpensive loads of products in an enormous variety you can find something you would like to have for your personal use or giving as a gift for someone in your hometown. Endless items are also brought from Cambodia to sell in the market. You will certainly meet the great deals here and don’t forget to explore for some local food sold before leaving to other places. Traveling by Bangkok taxi, you may get an opportunity to arrive at Anubanpot Temple. Another name for it is Khao Noi with a richest beauty of architectural style in building encircled by authentically placid surrounding. As a sacred sanctity of residents here, a replica of Buddha’s footprint is enshrined in the construction. To honor Queen Sirikit, a large irrigation reservoir is constructed under the name Queen Sirikit Chaloem Phra Kiat Public Water Park and also as a place for doing exercise and being a relaxing area including scenic backdrops. To witness a splendor of the ancient kingdom of Khmer from the very old times, you can head to northeastern direction about 35 kilometers to take a visit at Sdok Kok Thom Temple encompassing history of Khmer Empire, eye-catching architecture. With an unbelievable offer of true nature beauty adding specific area’s unrivalled attractions, Pang Sida Nation Park is also recommended for travelers who have much love for bountiful nature nestled in beautiful region where will absolutely wow you with greatest scene of ultimate riches.

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