Floating Market, The Culture Besides the River

The relationship between Thai people (SEA culture) and the riverside is very closely. It's started at the beginning of time when the community was gathering around the riverside for living, farming, transportation and also the village.

The cultures that emerged from the past still living to this modern-day and becomes an interesting tourist attraction which knowns as 'Floating Market'. The floating market could be found anywhere around the region as a part of SEA culture. Today as the lifestyle changed, some parts of the culture faded which made many floating markets disappeared. Today, we have the original market and the new one that has been created to support the tourism part which represents the local product and some root culture. The floating market usually open at the weekends and holidays.

Enjoy the food, feel good with culture

You may wonder about the floating market, "What is it?" or "Should I go there?". The floating market is one of the amazing places if you are the people who love local food culture.

The original market that standstill through time would be made you delightful! The old local architecture beside the river could tell us many things, the wood, the wind blow, and cooperation between household and boat or floating house. You will see the canal in the center of the village. You can see the shops are opening both on the side of the canal and even floating on the boat or raft. You'll be glad that they sell almost everything on the boat, hot noodle, fried egg, fried rice, vegetable, roast, grilled seafood and they cook it on their rowboat.

There are many floating markets around Bangkok but here are the places that famous and can travel to its easily:

Amphawa floating market, located in Samut Songkhram province. One of the best local product here is 'Maeklong's Mackerel', its tasty and unique flavor always makes my mouth water. There are local restaurants, bars, and homestays that welcoming the tourist. One of the famous activity is traveling along the canal to see fireflies in the evening. This is one of the famous places for Bangkokian because they can take the ride for only 1 hour (if there is no traffic jam).

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, the famous floating market located in Ratchaburi with more than 100-year-old culture. It takes 2 - 3 hours for traveling to the market. Because of its long history, many people know about this market and that creates an energetic vibe for the mass. There are many fresh fruits from the farmer, you can find the tasty one here for sure. And I almost forgot about the tourist attraction activity, taking a picture with a giant boa which made me cry as much as 5-year-old can do.

Don Wai floating market, located at Nakhon Pathom. This market has various local products, for example, rare vegetables, Thai traditional sweets, nostalgic marmalade cake, and good food with cheap price.

Pattaya floating market, located in Pattaya. This market is a new one that serves tourism in Pattaya. With the name '4 Region Floating Market', this market represents local products and souvenirs from all over the country.

But if you want to go to the floating market in Bangkok, there are 3 of them that I would recommend.

Talingchan floating market, located near the Talingchan district office and railway. There are some plant shops and delicious foods which I highly recommended beef noodle at the intersection.

Khlong Lat Mayonm floating market, located in Talingchan too but a bit far from Talingchan floating market. The walkway is a bit tiny but this market guarantee sun shading block area. You can enjoy some old traditional food here, the rare one that mixes with local herbs.

Kwan Riam floating market, located at Bang Peng Tai Temple-Seri Thai. Kwan Riam floating market has interesting highlight activity, make merit. Before the 'making merit' activity, they will let the swan playing into the canal which you can take a picture or feed them some proper food. There are plenty of foods and snacks, but hey! floating markets are all about food, right?

I would recommended you pick tiny handheld fan and cool water for your own health in order to travel to the market. Enjoy your trip and see you next time!