Art Gallery and Museum in Bangkok, Breath the Culture!

"If you want to understand their culture, let's get to their museum and art gallery."

This quote makes things clear for any people who love to travel and need some inspiration. There are many places around the world that we couldn't take our time enough to understand its culture. The best thing to getting into some deep view of their root is to visit their museum and art gallery. Museum and art gallery could reflect and represent their culture well enough for various type of people, especially the foreigner. We would like to invite you to get closer to Thailand's culture that could brighten and season your day, let's take a look!

Bangkok Art & Culture Center (BACC)
If we talked about one of the famous art galleries, BACC would be standing out for Bangkokians. BACC is similar to the Mecca of art for Thai artists, especially for the new generation artist. There are many categories of art, for example, western classical, Thai classical, contemporary art or even new media art! You can travel to BACC easily by BTS sky train, Saensaeb canal's boat and the bus. BACC locates at the heart of Bangkok, Rama I road.

The exhibition always circulates from international artists to new face artists. There are many activities at BACC that cover every generation of people, you can bring the kids to the art library or looking for some nice coffee, get some rare souvenirs. One of the best exhibitions here is the new media arts like installation art, sound art or interactive art.

Museum Siam
The first museum of Thailand that focuses on 'Play+Learn' experiences. You can visit the learning center and Collection & Storage Lab with hands-on experiences are available. Museum Siam is located near Wat Pho and Royal Palace, it would be good if you take a bus or taxi.

Bangkok National Museum
This museum used to be the palace 'Bavornsathan Mongkol Palace'. The museum has a long history line and locates near a historical places like Thammasart University and Sanam Luang (royal turf). There are many throne halls here which turn into exhibition areas, you can see the palace's magnificent through its decoration and art. The antiques here represent the long history of Thailand, you can see the painting on the wall about the Buddha likes the one that available on the old temples in Bangkok or the Khon (masked play) and old ASEAN instruments for example.

Silpa Bhirasri Memorial National Museum
This museum is a memorial of the most influential people for Thai modern art, Corrado Ferroci or Silpa Bhirasri in the Thai language. The museum located near Bangkok National Museum and the Grand Palace at the Fine Arts Department and Silpakorn University. You can see the art of famous Silpha's close students which are paintings, sculpture and graphic art, and also some of Silpa art. For Silpa's student, this museum also exhibits the tools and keeps the environment of the workspace the same as the time when Silpa still working around.

Silpakorn University Art Gallery
If you visit the Silpa Bhirasri Memorial National Museum, we would recommend you to take a look at Silpakorn University Art Gallery. The university has a tiny beautiful garden and 4 art galleries. The stateroom gallery is the first gallery which was the room for an audience with the king. The second gallery is the gallery of the Faculty of Architecture. The third gallery is the gallery of the Faculty of Decorative Arts. The last gallery is the gallery of the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic art.

Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall
This is one of the latest exhibition 'Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall' which located on Ratcha Damnoen Klang. The architecture built by the order of King Rama V with a similar design to Paris' Avenue des Champs-Elysees. You can visit this place with small fees about 4$ for promotion. There are 3 content packages for visitors that represent the long history of modern Thailand. Combination with advanced technologies, the exhibition is full of multi-media technic, interactive art and digital art for example.

We hope you can enjoy these art galleries and museums in Bangkok!